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Three Parents as Teachers affiliates earn Blue Ribbon designation

Colorado’s Parents as Teachers’ sites continue to earn recognition as among the best in the nation. This year the Parents as Teachers National Center awarded Blue Ribbon Affiliate status to three Parents as Teachers sites in Colorado: Colorado Springs School District 11/Adult and Family Education (Colorado Springs); Community Partnership FRC (Divide) and Family Star Montessori (Denver).

To earn Blue Ribbon Affiliate status sites must undergo a rigorous evaluation over and above what a normal site experiences. According to Parents as Teachers:

“To earn the Quality Endorsement, affiliates must complete a comprehensive self-study and review process that demonstrates they are meeting or exceeding the Parents as Teachers Essential Requirements, along with at least 75 of the 100 Quality Standards.”

In an article from the Pikes Peak Courier, Jodi Mijares, executive director for Community Partners Family Resource Center described the effort required to become a Blue Ribbon Affiliate: “To earn the Blue Ribbon Affiliate status, we underwent a rigorous self-study and review process from the National Center, which confirms that we are meeting Parents as Teachers’ standards of fidelity and quality. Blue Ribbon Affiliates are exemplary programs, delivering highest quality services to children and families.”

These three Parents as Teachers affiliates bring the total number of Blue Ribbon Affiliates in Colorado to 10.

Sites that have earned the coveted designation:

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