Making the Case for Home Visiting

Promoting parent empowerment strategies and support for school readiness programs doesn’t just happen in the home it also happens in the state and federal legislature. The Colorado Home Visiting Coalition believes that families are the most critical resource for their child’s growth and development and our public policy decisions must support parents as they do this important work. Our coalition advocates for state and federal policies, programs, and systemic strategies that will increase the likelihood that pregnant families and families with young children receive the educational and health supports needed to break the cycle of poverty. Together we work to educate partners and policy makers about the critical role parents play and the programs and policies that best encourage families to be successful.

We advocate for policies that:

  • Promote maternal and child health 
  • Promote family economic self-sufficiency 
  • Promote school readiness and achievement 
  • Prevent child abuse/neglect 
  • Increase parent knowledge and skills 
  • Improve family social-emotional health 
  • Improve the parent/child relationship 

Our Agenda

Colorado Home Visiting Coalition supports policies and practices which enable children and their parents to thrive. Our top priorities for the 2023 legislative session are:

  • Expand Evidence-Based Programs in Colorado

    Expand evidence-based home visitation programs in Colorado

  • Protect Existing Funding

    Protect existing statutes and budget requests (i.e. line items) that support home visitation programs and advocate for new budget requests

  • Advocate that new revenue supports home visiting

    Advocate that newly generated revenue be utilized to support and/or expand home visitation programs throughout the state.

  • Support Workforce Development

    Support workforce development and appropriate compensation of home visitors.

  • MIECHV Expansion

    Advocate for the expansion of Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood Home Visiting Program (MIECHV)

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