Hidden Brain Podcast Talks about Impact of Early Childhood Experiences

Nobel Laureate James Heckman talks about skills and traits – beyond performance on a test which have been shown to impact success and happiness. Of particular note to those interested in home visiting he talks about how the famous Perry Preschools parental engagement, not just student education.

It wasn’t just that the program operated with the kids. It also visited the parents. It tried to build the parents’ engagement, the parent with the child. And that was really important because a lot of parents then and even now don’t understand how important they are in stimulating, motivating, cultivating the child and getting the child to stay on task and, you know, learn. And so the parents themselves got galvanized and worked with the child. So the child and a visitor – a person from the child care center would go home and work with a parent… Parents themselves were directly encouraged to work with the child. And there was this very, very active engagement on the part of the parents that was – hadn’t been there before.


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