Two of the Colorado Home Visiting Coalition models - Nurse-Family Partnership and Parents as Teachers received the highest rating from the Prevention Services Clearinghouse. These models demonstrated impact on the lives of parents and children.

A story from Growing Home (Parents as Teachers) about how home visiting enables parents to advocate for themselves and their families. Colorado Home Visiting Coalition (CHVC)

In December, 2018, one of Clayton Early Learning‘s home visitors was assigned a homeless family that came to the HIPPY program from Clayton’s Community Services team. Her first visit with the family was in a very small one room trailer that was given to them by a family member until

A story from Family Star (Parents as Teachers) about the power of home visiting to equip parents and other relatives with the tools to support their children. Colorado Home Visiting Coalition (CHVC)

HealthySteps, a model within the Colorado Home Visiting Coalition, was the subject of research which found it reduced future healthcare costs for mothers and their children. Colorado Home Visiting Coalition (CHVC)

A mother enrolled in Pueblo’s SafeCare and HIPPY programs shared the impact of home visiting on her family. Through home visiting from Catholic Charities of Pueblo she and her family were able to find stability. Earlier this year, my family was having a very tough time, along with other challenges,

NPR's Hidden Brain podcast talks about James Heckman's research. Heckman found that engagement with parents and children is essential. Home visiting supports the kind of relationships that he found were so critical.

Sometimes, parenthood is scary Already a mother of two, Sara experienced complications during her pregnancy with her daughter, Emilee, that led to an early delivery. Her daughter’s lungs were underdeveloped, and she was put on oxygen to help her breathe. Although Sara was an experienced mom, she hadn’t raised a

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